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A stunning achievement.

Charlotte Eyere, The Bookseller

A shocking, refreshingly different, coming of age story.

Alex O'Connell, The Times

A sprightly adventure ... told with energy and conviction

Nicolette Jones, The Sunday Times

Her sparse and feathery prose has an almost mesmeric quality – and succeeds in building a beautiful story out of harrowing events.

Emily Bearn, The Telegraph

A powerhouse of a novel, with an unforgettable narrator.

Fiona Noble, The Observer

Provocative and Satisfying.

Amanda Craig, The New Statesman

The ocean was singing. And then, slowly beneath the waves, something moved.
I leaned out, out, across the rail not caring that the icy spray was needling me. A shadow pressed up against the surface. The water began to cascade around it like a waterfall. A great eye opened, the iris glistening and grey around a massive black pupil.
The ocean looked at me.

The year is 1904. The Philippines is under american rule, and Luki's mountain village is changing – in every way, except in what a young woman can do. 

The ancients forbid Luki from hunting, even though she is a better hunter than any man. And soon, they will make her marry, whether she wants to or not.


Then comes an invitation from President Theodore Roosevelt: to visit the World's Fair in St. Louis, Missouri. The ancients say no, but Luki leaps at the chance. She wants to see the great white palaces and wonders of the Fair ... and she wants to be free.

But Luki will discover that the land of opportunity is not at all what she expects.

This is a photo in the public domain of Tugmena, a Suyoc Igorot girl who travelled to the World's Fair in 1904

Wild Song is set in the World's Fair of 1904, in St Louis, Missouri. Below is a Panorama of the World's Fair. The Philippine Reservation is located at the top right. Illustration: Public Domain via the U.S. Library of Congress.

Panorama jpg 2000.jp2

T   I   M   E   L   I   N   E

Crystal Palace, England

This Timeline Carousel may take a moment to load. You can leave it to autoplay or tap to move from slide to slide. All images on this Carousel are in the public domain.

R   E   A   D   I   N   G        N   O   T   E   S

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Lourdes Faberes

Voice Artist

Listen to the audiobook

Performed by Lourdes Faberes.


Available on Audible, Spotify, Google Audiobooks and Rakuten Kobo

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